Jack Buck Awards

In 1970, Jack Buck built on the Missouri Athletic Club’s rich athletic tradition by creating the “Sports Personality of the Year” award. Buck, a longtime MAC Member, envisioned an awards banquet to celebrate those individuals who have distinguished themselves and enhanced the St. Louis sports scene. The inaugural event began with a bang as Cardinal great Bob Gibson received the first Sports Personality of the Year trophy. In the following years, the annual event quickly developed into the premier sports banquet in St. Louis as a distinguished list of Hall of Famers, Olympic champions and coaching legends have been honored. Lou Brock, Don Coryell, Whitey Herzog, Ozzie Smith, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Brett Hull, Jimmy Connors, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner and Al MacInnis are just a few of the greats to have helped build this St. Louis sports tradition.

The banquet is not only enjoyed by a full house in the MAC’s spectacular ballroom, listeners throughout the Midwest and beyond tune into KMOX Radio to hear the program. Every banquet since inception has aired live on KMOX. 

In 1970, Jack Buck built on the Missouri Athletic Club’s rich athletic tradition by creating the “Sports Personality of the Year” award. Buck, a longtime MAC Member, envisioned an awards banquet to celebrate those individuals who have distinguished themselves and enhanced the St. Louis sports scene.
Nolan Arenado (2022)
Paul Goldschmidt (2021)
Craig Berube (2019)
Miles Mikolas (2018)
Yadier Molina (2017)
Vladimir Tarasenko (2016)
Mike Matheny (2015)
T.J. Oshie (2014)
Matt Carpenter (2013)
Matt Holliday (2012)
Lance Berkman (2011)
Sam Bradford (2010)
Adam Wainwright (2009)
Gary Pinkel (2008)
Jason Isringhausen (2007)
Torry Holt (2006)
Chris Carpenter (2005)
Scott Rolen (2004)
Isaac Bruce (2003)
Albert Pujols (2002)
Marshall Faulk (2001)
Kurt Warner (2000)
Al MacInnis (1999)
Mark McGwire (1998)
Dick Vermeil (1997)
Tony La Russa (1996)
Brendan Shanahan (1995)
Charlie Spoonhour (1994)
Curtis Joseph (1993)
Norm Stewart (1992)
Jimmy Connors (1991)
Hale Irwin (1990)
Brett Hull (1990)
Pedro Guerrero (1989)
Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1988)
Rich Grawer (1987)
Todd Worell (1986)
Willie McGee (1985)
Ozzie Smith (1984)
Roy Green (1983)
Whitey Herzog (1982)
Mike Liut (1981)
Pat Tilley (1980)
Keith Hernandez (1979)
Warren Powers (1978)
Ted Simmons (1977)
Jim Bakken (1976)
Terry Metcalf (1975)
Don Coryell (1974)
Lou Brock (1973)
Al Onofrio (1972)
Joe Torre (1971)
Bob Gibson (1970)
In 1995, the Bob Burnes "Benchwarmer" Award was established to recognize years of promoting St. Louis through sports. The award was named for the longtime sports editor at the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. In 2005, the name of the award was changed to also honor Burnes' friendly rival at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bob Broeg.
Mike Claiborne (2022)
Mike Kelly (2019)
Dan O'Neill (2017)
Dan McLaughlin (2016)
Chris Kerber (2015)
Dan Dierdorf (2014)
Bill McDermott (2013)
Joe Buck (2012)
John Kadlec (2011)
Bill Wilkerson (2010)
Bernie Miklasz (2009)
Frank Cusamano (2008)
Ron Jacober (2007)
Mike Shannon (2006)
Rick Hummel (2005)
Jerry Ritter (2004)
Bob Broeg (2003)
Mike Bush (2002)
Frank Viverito (2001)
John Rawlings (2000)
Bob Costas (1999)
Doug Elgin (1998)
Carl Hogan (1997)
Whitey Herzog (1996)
Dr. Abe Hawatmeh (1995)
In 2021, the Legends Award was renamed to honor the memory and positive impact Bob Plager made on the St. Louis sports community.
Dick Vermeil (2022)
David Backes (2021)
Garry Unger (2021)
Bobby Plager (2019)
Al Hrabosky (2017)
Barret Jackman (2016)
Steve Stipanovich (2014)
Chris Pronger (2013)
Keith Tkachuk (2011)
Harry Keough (2010)
Roy Sievers (2009)
Jim Hanifan (2008)
“Easy” Ed Macauley (2007)
Bernie Federko (2004)
Ron Caron (2003)
Dan Dierdorf (2002)
Jackie Smith (2002)
Roger Wherli (2001)
In memory of longtime MAC Member and baseball legend Stan Musial, the Stan "The Man" Award was established to honor an individual for dedication, hard work, class and loyalty over a long period of time.
Isaac Bruce (2021)
John Mozeliak (2019)
Ozzie Smith (2018)
Red Schoendienst (2017)
Lou Brock (2016)
Jim Edmonds (2014)
Chris Carpenter (2013)
In recognition of dedicated support of sports in St. Louis and making a positive difference in the community.
Bruce Affleck (2022)
Curtis Francois (2021)
Charles Glenn (2020)
Jim Crane (2018)
Tom Stillman (2017)
Dave Peacock (2015)
Aeneas Williams (2013)
Steven Jackson (2012)
Ernie Hays (2010)
Kelly Chase (2008)
John Davidson (2007)
The Cardinals (2006)
Jay Randolph (2005)
Tony LaRussa (2004)
Jerry Clinton (2003)
Walk Jockety (2002)
Flint Fowler (2001)
Mike and Leslie Jones (2000)
Charles Nash (1999)
Red Schoendienst (1998)
Martin L. Mathews (1997)
Bill DeWitt, Fred Hanser, Drew Baur (1996)
Thomas F. Eagleton (1995)
Stan Musial (1994)
Michael Roarty (1993)
Ozzie Smith (1992)
Michael Shanahan (1991)
Robert Hyland (1990)
Joe Garagiola, Yogi Berra (1989)
Ben Kerner, Bing Devine (1988)
August A. Busch, Jr. (1987)
The Carl O. Bauer Award recognizes a top amateur sports figure. Bauer was an important personality in the Missouri Athletic Club's history who brought innovation and inspiration to the Club's Athletic Department during his 45 years of service as Athletic Director. 
Yuri Collins (2022)
Kevin Kalish (2021)
Hasahn French & Jordan Goodwin (2020)
Napheesa Collier (2019)
Katie Shields (2018)
Josh Sargent (2017)
Saadiq Mohammed (2016)
Jim Conlon (2015)
Jordair Jett & Markus Golden (2014)
Jim Crews & Dwayne Evans (2013)
Mike McGinty (2012)
Harry Statham (2011)
Mark Edwards (2010)
Anne Kordes (2009)
Dawn Harper (2008)
Chase Daniel (2007)
Cheryl Levick (2006)
Brad Smith (2005)
Mike Kalist (2004)
Marque Perry (2003)
Doug Woolard (2002)
Niele Ivey (2001)
Terry Michler (2000)
Nancy Fahey (1999)
Kristen Folkl, Larry Hughes (1998)
Erin Narzinski (1997)
Erwin Claggett, Scott Highmark,
H Waldman (1995)
Ed Hightower (1994)
Ellen Port (1993)
Tom Jager (1992)
Mike Mayweather (1991)
Anthony Bonner (1990)
Nino Fennoy (1989)
Thaddeus J. Strobach (1987)
Floyd Irons (1986)
Bob Shannon (1985)
Al and Jackie Joyner (1984)
Ray Armstead (1983)
Kurt Peterson (1982)
Jim Holtgrieve (1981)
Phil Bradley (1980)
Bob Guelker (1979)
Kellen Winslow (1978)
The award was established to honor an individual who grew up in St. Louis and has gone on to achieve success in professional sports. White Sox pitcher and Francis Howell North H.S. grad Mark Buehrle was the inaugural winner of the award after pitching a perfect game in 2009. In 2011, following his unforgettable heroics in the World Series, the award was named after Lafayette H.S. grad David Freese.

Pat Maroon (2020)
Lori Chalupny (2015)
Brad Davis (2014)
Tom O'Toole, Jr. (2013)
Max Scherzer (2012)
David Freese (2011)
Mark Buehrle (2009)
Each year, the St. Louis area high school swimmers of the year are presented with the Ernie Vornbrock Award. The award was established in the name of Ernie Vornbrock — a St. Louis area swim coach from the 1930s through the 1950s — by his former swimmers and friends out of respect and gratitude for his guidance; and with the hope that this unique man's values would be passed on to a new generation. The Cup is kept on permanent display at the Missouri Athletic Club.
Jack Dolan & Ellie Wehrmann (2019)
Jack Dolan & Karisa Franz (2018)
Genevieve Pfeifer & Jack Dolan (2016)
Genevieve Pfeifer & Sean Workman (2015)
Colleen Young & Nick Alexander (2014)
Ryan Baker (2013)
Jordan Stout (2013)
Heather Lundstrom (2012)
Andrew Sansoucie (2012)
Maxwell Byers (2011)
Lauren Votava (2011)
Evan Noble (2010)
Lauren Votava (2010)
Taylor Wohrley (2009)
Evan Noble (2009)
Taylor Wohrley (2008)
Haley Spencer (2008)
Daniel Miller (2008)
Liz Smith (2007)
Ben Solari (2007)
Jenna Harris (2006)
Scott Jostes (2006)